Doula {Now}

Oh, hi!

I put this outdated photo of my daughter here
just to grab your attention... did it work?
P.S. Seven years later she still sticks her tongue out when she's thinking!

I'm so glad you're here, and I hope you're well. I wanted to chat with you so we're on the same page, and you know where I stand right now.

I have still been doula-ing and my priority is still supporting my clients, no matter what their birthing environment looks like!


Because, Friend, my belief is (and always has been) it matters how we (this includes you, Partners!) experience childbirth. With the emotional, physical, and informational support of a doula, birth is an opportunity to transcend. Even during a pandemic.

Now, more than ever, I want to encourage you to explore and articulate your goals, values, and beliefs and covet care that is holistic and best for you and your family.

It's critical to give true informed consent when making decisions, particularly when there are more unknowns involved and policies/protocols are ever-changing... like say, perhaps, when birthing during a pandemic, just for a completely random example... 

Now, if you are wondering what mid-pandemic doula care from me looks like, it's this:

  • exploring and supporting my clients' goals, values, and beliefs (where have I heard that before...?)
  • staying up-to-date on the latest birthing/COVID protocols, research, and recommendations, both globally and locally.
  • building birth preferences with clients that facilitate clear communication and a respectful birthing environment.
  • practicing and preparing comfort measures... a lot.
  • continuous support in-person or virtually, whatever is appropriate at the time.
  • my entire family is following the strictest recommendations to reduce the chances of transmitting COVID-19, and assure my ability to safely attend your birth. We will continue to do so until COVID-19 is no longer a threat. You and your family's safety and health are my top priority, including your mental health. Through the precautions I am taking, I hope to bring you peace of mind knowing I am doing my best to keep you safe and maintain my ability to attend your birth in person. 

The most important take-away is this: you still deserve to be supported, informed, and empowered during your birth (well, always!) and I'm here for you.

Now, go out there and start thinking about your goals, values, and beliefs! 

Want some brainstorming help? Contact me!


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