Here are some things previous clients have to say about my services. If you have any questions, or would like to speak with previous clients, let me know by filling out the "Contact Me" form and I would be happy to connect you!

My husband and I have known Jeni for several years from our time together in our church choir.  When we first announced we were expecting Jeni planted the seed to us about being our doula.  My husband works nights at a local hospital in Green Bay so we decided to hire Jeni kind of as a back up plan in case he got stuck at work if I went into labor.  For our first pregnancy we pretty much did what our doctor said.  With Jeni's help and education while meeting w/ here we learned that we needed to voice our opinions in how we wanted this labor and delivery to hopefully go.  With her encouragement we came up with a plan that we were very comfortable with.  The best thing was our doctor was totally on board as well.  Unfortunately we ran into a few issues that led our doctor to induce my labor.  From the moment our plan got thrown a curve Jeni was right there by my side w/ several suggestions to try and keep our birth plan as unchanged as possible.  I had an epidural for my first delivery very early on so I never really experienced the contraction process.  My goal was to hold off on any pain management as long as I could.  Jeni was with me side by side for the entire process.  Her constant coaching/encouragement/spiritual guidance helped me the entire process.  At one point I said to my husband I don't think I can do this anymore.  30 minutes later our son was born.  I couldn't have made it through this labor without Jeni.  She was an absolute God-send.  If you are on the fence about hiring a doula please consider hiring Jeni.  You won't find a doula who is more educated, informed, supportive, empathetic, and dedicated to getting you through the process than Jeni.  Not only is Jeni a friend, she is now a part of our family.  Please reach out to Jeni it will be one of the best decisions you will make.


Hiring Jeni as my doula was the best decision I could have made for myself.  Every decision I made throughout my pregnancy was one that was well informed and based on actual facts.  I was able to take back control of my decisions, something that I had lost with my first pregnancy due to lack of experience and information.  Not only did Jeni help with educating me, but also she helped me greatly emotionally.  I experienced a death in the family while pregnant, and Jeni went above and beyond to help me recover emotionally so that I would be in the best mental and physical shape for labor.  Jeni was worth every penny and I highly recommend her to any pregnant woman out there.


I met Jeni about halfway through my pregnancy. She was actually my backup doula and, after our delightful meeting, I told my husband I had NO worries about when I went into labor--I was as comfortable w/Jeni as I was w/my doula friend. I went into labor 2wks early, on a day my doula friend was unavailable. Jeni hit the road as soon as I needed her & offered SO much support on the phone until she could get here. I was feeling a lot of anxiety/overwhelm at the beginning of labor & Jeni was incredibly understanding & spoke words of hope & empowerment. I had constant back pain (from the very beginning of labor until the very end) and she immediately started offering support to assist with that when she arrived. 

I had a VERY long intense labor. When we discovered that I had been stalled at 5 cm for several hours, she immediately jumped in with words of light & affirmation, position changes to encourage dilation, new relaxation techniques, etc. She supported my husband, gently coaching him on how to best help me through different stages labor. When nurses wanted to do something outside of my birth plan or comfort zone, she so graciously assisted my husband & i in communicating our desires & wishes. Her birth bag was like a Mary Poppins bag, packed full of surprising & helpful goodies & tools. 

One big thing that sets Jeni apart from other birth professionals I've worked with, is her vast practical knowledge & her binder full of evidence based studies, facts, statistics, etc. Inside are helpful ideas & answers for about anything related to pregnancy/birth/postpartum/babies. I called her many times in the early wks & she gave as MUCH time as I needed. She offered SO much emotional/mental support to me as a firsttime mom...breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, colic, safe bottle feeding while nursing, pelvic floor issues, hormones, etc.

I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!


I had no idea what a doula was a month or so prior to meeting Jeni. I met a friend who had used Jeni and just raved about her. I thought it was worth my time to meet with Jeni and see if a doula would work for us.

I remember the first time i met her we talked for close to three hours. She seemed so passionate and knowledgeable about her job. I remember going home and telling my husband i learned more in those 3 hours with Jeni than i did in all my OB appointments prior. He kept asking "What is a doula" and i would tell him the best i could from what Jeni said, but mainly that a doula is a birthing coach. After our birthing experience with Jeni, he said he would always use a doula after that and has highly suggested and advocated for doulas in any birthing conversation we get into.

All subsequent meetings with Jeni i learned so much and couldn't get over her passion and knowledge. I knew we made the right choice in our doula decision.  i am so grateful to Jeni for helping with our birth plan and educating me, helping me make the best decision for our family. One of the best decisions she pushed me to do was switch my OB at 36 weeks. I was very dissatisfied and frustrated with my first OB. Jeni had worked with her previously and told me what she knew about her and really encouraged me to switch if i wasn't comfortable. I am so glad i did!

Fast forward to the day of our daughter's birth. Jeni was absolutely amazing! I feel she kept me on track, breathing and taking my mind off the pain. She also made sure my husband was doing good as well! The whole experience was just amazing, i could not have asked for a better doula or better birthing experience, the whole thing was great. Our OB, nurses, Jeni, everyone was amazing, but if it wasn't for Jeni, i am not sure our birth would have went as it did, and instead it went better than we could have expected. I would definitely use Jeni again and recommend her to anyone!!


Jeni's support truly makes you feel like you can thrive through anything pregnancy or post-partum life could throw your way. Jeni and I ended up living too far apart geographically for her to attend my birth, but she was still there for me literally every step of the way. From coming up with troubleshoots for second trimester low-blood-sugar-induced bouts of nausea, to coaching me through two rounds of mastitis and listening every time I felt out of sorts post-partum, Jeni's mind and heart were quick to solve any solveable problem and to just be there for me when all I needed was an ear. She is so easy to talk to and is such a calming presence. Jeni is also hands down one of the best moms I know, but she never makes you feel like you're behind the curve as you find your own footing. I would recommend working with Jeni with every bit of my heart. 


My husband and I had Jeni for the birth of our twins! Leading up to the birth I had a bunch of questions and some anxiety with how the birth would go. Jeni was great as my go to person for asking questions about anything! I could text her anytime and she always gave a prompt reply. She was not pushy or opinionated, she just shared the facts and let us make the final decision. She was also very encouraging during my pregnancy, I loved receiving her weekly congrats texts for making it another week with our babies inside me! I am so thankful she helped us set up a birth plan as well. During labor we were able to correspond with her and keep her updated with my progress and she was very helpful with ideas and telling us what was what. Although I hated it, she suggested me sitting on the toilet to keep contractions regular, and it worked! She helped us figure out when was best to go to the hospital. It was just so nice to have someone to communicate with through labor at home. We really appreciated having her at the hospital to keep my husbands spirits up through my long labor! She was respectful of my faith and recited Bible verses with me which was so helpful. She came to the birth with a shirt that had birth affirmations on it and at first I thought, "that's so cliche!" But near the end of my labor I was reading her shirt over and over to help me make it through! I had back pain during contractions and she knew just where to put pressure to help. Jeni also took pictures of the labor and delivery which I can't wait to see! And she reminded us of our birth plan and gave suggestions as to what to ask the nurses and doctor. After my 1st baby came naturally, they had to do an emergency c-section for our 2nd baby. They wouldn't let my husband or Jeni to stay in the room, so they went back to the labor room with our 1st daughter to wait and my husband was grateful she was there to wait with him. I would have Jeni attend the births of any future children of ours!


I cannot say enough positive things about Jeni! My husband was not overly comfortable about having another person present at my son’s birth; however, after my daughter’s homebirth, I was adamant about having an extra set of hands to help with birth prep and cleanup. Jeni proved to be so much more than that and we were so thankful to have her attend our son’s birth. Jeni put so much time and heart into things like researching ways I could improve my diet, suggestions on supplements to help control my history of post-partum hemorrhage, creating affirmation cards, and so much more. Jeni took the time to learn exactly what we hoped for during the birth process as well as our expectations for her, so when she showed up, she knew where everything was and got right to work on the tasks we needed her to do. She worked quietly in the background, as per my husband’s request, but was by our side whenever we asked her to be. It was so wonderful to not have to worry about anything except for working through labor. She offered suggestions when needed, such as changing positions, eating food, or drinking water. When the labor got tough, she gently encouraged me by pouring hot water on my back and quietly reminding me to breathe my baby down. She had warm and cold compresses readily available and seemed to think about every little detail to make the birth process as smooth as possible. After our son was born, Jeni took a few pictures of our first moments together and then got to work cleaning up so that we didn’t have to worry about anything. Ultimately she was so respectful and considerate of everything we asked for and an irreplaceable member of our birth team. My husband and I were beyond pleased with Jeni and thankful to have her as our doula!


 Jeni was absolutely instrumental to our birth of our first born daughter. I don't think I can say enough about her. I had a very complicated, high risk and medically challenging pregnancy that was emotionally and physically taxing. Jeni was there every step of the way providing guidance and advice during some of the hardest moments. She provided in home education on all facets of the pregnancy and options we had to chose from for our personalized birthing experience. This included the preparation of a great birthing plan, teaching us birthing techniques, breast feeding and postpartum support, alignment of key resources always being available when we needed her and so much more. I would also recommend having her capture some of the most beautiful moments through her photography before, during, and after the birth. I love the pictures and am so pleased we had her do this for us. The vast array of educational expertise, resources, and experiences have made her an invaluable part of our journey and I know she will do the same for you.


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