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Hey, you!

Yes, you! Hello, friend! Hello, first-time moms and dads, seasoned moms and dads, Type A, B, C, D, and F moms and dads, crunchy moms and dads, uncrunchy moms and dads (what is a non-crunchy person called?), moms and dads of surrogate moms, curious passersby, and accidental clickers.

I’m so glad you’re here. So while you’re here, let’s chat, shall we?

Remember that time when you were getting married and it was all plan, plan, plan? Even if you’re a go-with-the-flow kind of person, there are still a bajillion decisions to be made and details to get in order. Then you have your big day and you are left with rings, photos, and a brand new shiny spouse, right? Right.

K’so, it’s safe to say no matter which personality type you have, a fair amount of time and energy go into planning this event.


Because it matters to you. And because you have the ability to make choices. And you combine those choices to put together a plan. And you know once the big day arrives, it’s largely out of your hands, but you’ve made your choices and prepared your world for this series of really important, special moments.

Now stick with me here: let’s jump to the Birth Talk. I know, I know, women have been doing this since the beginning of time, so in theory it should just happen, right? I disagree (hear me out before you click away from here!). Friends, this is important: you have choices. And I know you’re probably aware that some people make choices and you’ve heard of that lady who had a homebirth, and that lady who danced during labor, and that lady who birthed in her bathtub and your brain writes it off and moves on, because “that’s just not me.” But how about this: instead of incredulously asking “why would someone do that?!”, ask, “why would someone do that?” with open curiosity. What if, maybe, possibly, these women had real, evidence-based reasons for these choices? And, you’re right, you could just continue to incubate, do what the doctor tells you, show up to the hospital (do what the doctor tells you some more), and pop out a baby.

But listen: this is not a one-day deal.

You have created a human. A human that is 100% helpless and dependent on the choices you make. Starting now. Grow your baby, but do it intentionally. Nourish your body and your mind. Get informed and make choices about how you are going to welcome this baby into the world. Your birth choices matter. Your birth choices have lifelong repercussions for you and your baby.

Don’t panic.

Let’s take one thing at a time. I promise I will not tell you what to do or judge you for your decisions. But, seriously, let’s put the same amount of energy into this as we did when choosing a college, or planning the wedding, or buying the car. Or that recent Amazon purchase.

Because you know what?

You deserve this.

You deserve a wonderful, miraculous, empowering birth. And you can make that happen. The power is already in you. Make the choices to harness it.

Stay tuned for a light, non-overwhelming overview of choices.

Then come back later for evidence-based science to help you make those choices.

Let’s rock this parenthood thing.



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