Postpartum Partner Course

Here's some more information about The Jeni Dansand Postpartum Partner Education Project Experience. Sign up!
Because adjusting to postpartum life is easier when you plan for it and and have some super-awesome insider tips and tricks. So sign up for that postpartum class and subsequently breeze through parenting like a rock star. We cover how to transition smoothly, partner checklists, emotional adjustments, relationship/marital nurturing, cultivating emotional intelligence in your offspring, and sleeeeeeeeeeep. And there will still be a chance to earn a sticker.

Topics Include:
  • The Transition to "Normalcy"
  • Relationships
  • How to Be Mentally Supportive
  • How to Be Physically Supportive
  • How to Be Supportive
  • Tips for Keeping Things Running Smoothly
  • What to Do with Your Tiny New Kinda Loud Roommate
  • Soothing Essentials
  • Baby Saftey 101
  • Newborn Behavioral States
  • Optimizing the Biologic Basis for Intelligence (Raising Smart, Happy, Moral Humans)
For expecting/pregnant people, newly postpartum people, people who have never been left alone in a room with a small human before, people who already have offspring, but are hoping for a smooth transition, people who just want to learn some new stuff, and really just people, in general.


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